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Baby steps in blogging

Matching t-shirts set are very popular today. There is one particular for mother/father and baby which is wanted from so many people. But the thing is that you can’t find many variations of this design… So I decided to create one myself instead of just selling the same as everyone else and pretend I am designer, like some people do!

The design became like a slogan for all Mom’s which are running blogs and love their mommy life but are tired of all the sleepless nights. It is “Ok, but first coffee” and “Ok, but first milk” – as they say – first things first!

So I was wondering how to make a quote on t-shirt and specially on a onesie looking original.. Believe me it is not easy creating things which you hope to be desired from the customers (this is on what your job depends on) Few days browsing for different fonts and playing with them on Photoshop until I found the one which is on our design now. But it was empty with a text only, I wanted something more.. This is where the cup and the milk bottle came on the design. I love the way the cup looks now with the text and what to tell you about the bottle – it will not sound humbly, but I like them a lot. And I think that’s the way it should be when you create things, first you like it and hopefully after that the clients will also like it!

I don’t have kids myself, but I love creating designs for them. It is unique experience. I have printed the “Ok, but first coffee” design on a t-shirt for myself (you will see the photo in the gallery) and I wear it a lot.

I hope you will like my interpretation of the design and hopefully become our customer.

At last but not least – special thanks to the California mom who was kind enough to take this photo with her adorable baby on the beach and who made the design looking very special!

February 22nd, 2017|Blog|
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